It all comes down to this: the people with some of the best stories to tell are not always getting published. 

However, when you choose the writing and editing services of WordEquity, your passions and knowledge are skillfully transformed into published works that inform, enthrall and entertain. 

Hi, I’m Jim Huth. Welcome to WordEquity.

Let’s build upon the worth in your words.

WordEquity Services

WordEquity provides award-winning writing, ghostwriting and editing.

Whether your project is a rough draft or just a vague idea, simply hand it off to WordEquity. Then you can get back to what you do best, while letting WordEquity take it all to completion as your ghostwriter, interviewer, biographer or editor.

My work has appeared in everything from websites, to magazines, to New York Times bestsellers. And, while each project is always unique, WordEquity’s services normally include ongoing consultations, interviews, research, structure/organization, writing and editing.

The ongoing consultations and interviews are either in person, by phone or Zoom. I’ve worked just as successfully with clients across the country as I have with local clients.

Take All the Credit or Not — It’s Your Choice

As a WordEquity client you’ll have the option to take all the credit, with WordEquity being contractually obligated to make absolutely no reference to your project. In this way, I’ve ghostwritten on topics ranging from internet marketing to open heart surgery, from duodenal switch procedures to clothing optional resorts.

Conversely, there have been times when clients opted instead to credit my work — clients such as Dr. Edwin Lee, Kyle Miller, Paula Boyd, Dr. Mark Gordon and Terry Howard.

Credited or not, for me it’s all about the creative process: the interviewing, researching, writing, editing and everything else it takes to “get the story.” And, it’s a creative process that consistently delivers award-winning writing, ghostwriting and editing.




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