Early in my career I interviewed Henry Kissinger: Nobel Peace Prize recipient, former Secretary of State and former National Security Advisor.  It was the interview that led to the article that would shape my career, and it started like this.

My time with Kissinger was squeezed in between a photo session and a speech at a Chicago hotel in the spring of 1987.  As I waited, watching this historical icon being photographed, I was becoming more nervous by the minute.  Then I became even more nervous when his bodyguards seemed to be noticing how tense I was!

After the cameras were put away and we began our small talk I was doing much better, although still anxious — which is why I believe Kissinger told me about a writer he met at a party, and how she said, “Mr. Kissinger, people say you are an amazing man.  Amaze me.”  He explained that because of what she said, the pressure was off of her, onto him, and then all he could do was give one of his best interviews.

So, with a smile, I said to Kissinger what I still say to my interviewees and clients, “Amaze me.”

Interviewing Henry Kissinger was one of the most significant watershed events in my career, despite those huge glasses I used to wear!